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Company founder  Ashley Childs, Started the Cluck Brothers during lockdown No1 from the COVID19 pandemic.

As a child and adult  I have very strong memories associated with holidays in France and Spain, eating chicken rotisserie: from the alluring smell and the irresistible look of the chickens cooking on the spit, to the hubbub and commotions of the packed queues in markets and of course that taste unique to chickens cooked that way on the rotisserie.

Ashley Childs

Have been cooking professionally for 26 years and food has always been a big part of my life. I have worked and ran many well-known restaurants in and around the Nottingham area, and have also spent a bit of time in the Lake District as well as cooked overseas. During my career I’ve had the pleasure (and sometimes not) of cooking for many famous faces, from actors, to politicians, sports stars and even a member of the Royal family. This is a new venture for me after spending the last decade catering for fine dining customers and I am really excited about the future.

Danny Simanis

I have very much learnt my trade from the ground up, from a part time job in subway, all the way to working in the Michelin starred kitchen Hambleton Hall under Aaron Patterson. Having just returned from working in a Michelin kitchen in Germany , I was happy to hear that my first head chef and long time friend Ashley Childs had just started the Cluck Brothers. It feels great to be back working on a food truck as I ran my own ‘Mr Citroen’  for a few years before leaving for Germany. Claim to cooking Fame ‘ I once cooked a beef Wellington, for the actual duke of Wellington!’

Jamie Burke

Our new little cluck bro Jamie has just joined the team, packed full of youth and enthusiasm, unlike us old cluckers!

“Really excited to be joining such a cool company, meeting the customers and of course sampling all the delicious chickens!”

Cluck@Home Catering

We also specialise in private home dining. We have a wealth of highly experienced chefs inching Michelin star trained.  We can cater for any event from high end tasting menus, canapés, simple folk buffets too outdoor  BBQ’s & posh garden parties. We only use the best quality ingredients,  to make your lunch or evening meal a truly unforgettable experience thus allowing you time to enjoy the company of your guests/clients. 

Please Call 07875601610 for more information.

Cluck@Home Catering






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